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Techweek 2023 inspires at AUT

by Vanessa Elley (she/her)

news writer

AUT’s city campus was a hub for Techweek events last week, encouraging people to get involved in New Zealand’s tech industry.

The university was one of the festival’s strategic partners, presenting a variety of tech-related events from bridge building to talks about AI research.

CEO of Techweek’s host NZTech, Graeme Muller, says it’s critical to get students interested in the tech sector.

“There’s a global shortage of talent in the fastest growing part of most countries’ economies, so there’s a lot of work all around the world trying to encourage people to think about different sorts of tech opportunities and career paths.

“If New Zealand can do slightly better than other countries, if we can get better at creating entry level jobs and encouraging more kids to study at school and then take on university quals in the space and etcetera, we’ll get that advantage.”

Muller says that with AUT hosting Techweek events, students can connect with industry leaders and academics in the field.

“It's great having AUT helping us host Techweek. It’s right across the country but it creates a really nice hub in Auckland."

“Shout out to the students. It doesn't matter what you think you want to be when you grow up, it'll be really useful if you understand tech and you've got a couple of those arrows in your quiver so that you can do your job even better.”

AUT’s Senior Faculty Communications Manager Nicola Igusa, who works on Techweek supporting AUT’s academics, says the festival brings Aotearoa’s tech sector together.

“It’s an opportunity for everyone – from novices to experts – to get involved in a broad interpretation of technology.

“AUT students benefit through the events – largely free – hosted on campus, and through the collaboration between the university’s academics and industry partners.”

Igusa agrees that it’s more important than ever before for people to get involved with tech.

“Technology once considered the realm of science fiction is becoming a reality, and touching all careers, not just those traditionally thought of as ‘tech’,” she says.

“Being immersed in the thinking of the tech space, and the possibilities of technology, is absolutely crucial for all of us.”


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