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The Best Places to Nap on City Campus

Whether it's post-8am lecture after a dusty night out, or simply to kill time between classes, every student has considered taking a nap on campus. With many trying and failing to find a decent place to nap at AUT’s bustling city campus, I’m here to supply you all with a definitive list of the best places to nap on campus. By Esther Mackay.

AUTSA student lounge

Grab a warm drink and settle in for one of the most hearty naps of your academic career. Above the gym in WB, the AUTSA student lounge boasts many nap-friendly features such as bean bags, a well-stocked drinks fridge, and open access at almost any time. Being such an ideal place to hang, the level of student chatter here is high, but that’s nothing a pair of headphones can’t fix! The student lounge gets a 5/5 for comfort, 4/5 for convenience, and a 1.5/5 for quietness.

The library

If you're looking for somewhere a bit more ambient to nap, the library is the place for you. It’s quiet, spacious, and has many different floors and lounging spots available for your napping needs. Whether you’re into spreading out on your own couch, or more of a head-on-desk-don’t-talk-to-me napper, the library has it all. Plus, being in the library feels productive, even if it's just to nap. 3.5/5 for comfort, 4/5 for convenience, and a 5/5 for quietness.

The Treehouse

On the off chance you manage to snag a padded booth in the highly populated Treehouse, the potential for a great nap is high. Secluded, spacious and right at the heart of WG building, the Treehouse is an ideal place to nap. One of the major downsides of napping at the Treehouse other than trying to find a space, is that being such a perfect place to chill, it can be quite noisy with all the other students hanging there as well. The Treehouse gets a 5/5 for comfort, 3/5 for convenience, and a 2.5/5 for quietness.

WG Level One

If you're the type of person who can nap anywhere, level one is the place for you. You're not guaranteed to find a comfy couch to set up camp at, but the number of pedestrians around this area is far less than some of the more popular relaxation spots around AUT. With accidental darker mood lighting due to the floor being underground, level one has the ideal ambience for a much-needed nap in a pinch. Level one gets a 2/5 for comfort, 3/5 for convenience, and a 4.5/5 for quietness.


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