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Uni food guide

Around campus there’s always a lot going on and with all these choices it can be hard to figure out where to eat. Here’s Meoghan Craig's Uni Food Guide to get you through.

Sensational Chicken

If you're moving into the student accommodation, staying late at uni to study, or just want some late-night fried chicken, then this is the place. Grab yourself a lunch box and you seriously won’t regret it. The vast majority of us students are well acquainted with the kind hospitality of Sensational Chicken.


The cutest kind of modern Chinese food. Dumplings (even panda shaped ones), all kinds of fried seafood, meats, noodles and rice dishes.


Italian wood fire pizzas, pasta, risotto, salads and desserts. These are all delicious and Dante’s is a real good show of traditional Italian food.

Poke Bar

This place does an exceptionally good lunch deal during the week: Poke of the day, $11.90. There’s also always the option to design your own as well as the regular poke of choice from $13.90.

U curry

I have never seen such generous portions for the prices! It’s seriously ridiculous and in the past year I can’t count the number of times I headed along with my friends to get a super cheap and delicious lunch. You’ll never leave there hungry. Open 11am-8pm

Nice Dumpling

This is another Lorne St gem! Nice Dumpling will give you some solid stodge for a fraction of a normal lunch price. It’s yummy, filling and service with a smile. Best for the person who needs to grab a quick bite between classes.

Mexican cafe

Free chips and salsa on entry! Only $10 for lunch meals or $15 for a lunch combo with a virgin margarita. I think it’s safe to say that in this Auckland summer you’d be a fool to not get a fresh and fruity icy drink with your meal. Great for meat eaters as well as vegetarians.


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