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What's more fun for your bum, dildos or buttplugs?

by Anonymous

The anal cavity is really quite the fun place to explore once you get past the painful ‘loosening’ up stage, but sometimes you need more than just a couple of fingers to have a blast. As someone who is queer, vers, and in need of some ‘me’ time, I’ll be comparing and contrasting a couple of ‘toys’ that I like to use to keep me preoccupied - that is, dildos and buttplugs.

Now, these aren’t all the options available on the market, but due to my lack of expertise in departments such as anal beads and vibrators, I will only be discussing dildos and buttplugs. Also, this is the opinion of someone who is AMAB (a male at birth), so your experience with your bum may be very different to mine.

Dildos come in all shapes and sizes to fit your needs and experience with the toy. Whether your fantasy is about being fucked by a mythical creature with an abnormally large appendage, or you just want to relax and unwind after a long day with your safe six inch standard dildo, then dildos have you covered. Regarding my experience, I’m more than satisfied with my stock standard dildo.

Dildos, in my opinion, are the closest toy to a standard dick than any other toy due to its shape. Unlike a buttplug, it’s easier to move the toy in and out, imitating a more intimate feeling. I also find dildos are easier to stick onto walls and such, which makes the toy a lot more versatile regarding where you plan to do the deed. What's more fun for your bum, dildos or buttplugs? So what about buttplugs? Buttplugs come in different shapes and sizes as well, but they don’t look anything like a penis, but this isn’t a bad thing. As this toy is specifically made to please your ass, it does the trick better than any dildo can, which I tend to see as a more versatile instrument that isn’t dependent on where you put it. The shape really helps to fill out the insides, and the tip hits the g spot in a way a dildo just can’t do.

So the verdict? Personally I prefer buttplugs over dildos, but that’s solely based on how I personally like to use my toys. I only use my toys in my own space by myself because that’s what I enjoy doing the most and feel the most comfortable doing. I recommend experimenting with what you like and finding intimacy in your own space, because it’s a great way to explore your own body and figure out what you like and don’t like.


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