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Who to Blame

We’re Debate. Well what we have of Debate so far, we’re still waiting for AUTSA to put up a listing so we can hire some news writers (angry reacts only please). If you’re interested in writing for us, send an email to our editor We’re in charge of producing your fortnightly student mag, calling out AUT and AUTSA and keeping you entertained. Last year AUT got angry at us for basically telling them that they should try harder at a lot of things. All we can really say to AUT is don’t point fingers if your hands are dirty x.

Anyway, we thought we would introduce ourselves nice and early. Put a face to the name before y’all get too angry at us.

Rebecca Zhong


Here to ruin my reputation for student media (for the second year).

Ramina Rai


Hi, I’m Ramina! I’m the graphic designer here at Debate mag, so I’m in charge of making this magazine in your hot little hands look kinda nice. I also contribute a few drawings here and there. When I’m not designing the mag, you’ll find me eating (food is my life’s greatest passion), patting cats (I have a kitten called Pepp), oh, and growing a lil baby in ma tum! I’ll be heading off on parental leave in April so come Issue 4 there’ll be a sparkly new designer sitting in my chair – please pretend to miss me.

Yi Jong


Hi! My name is Yi and I’m Debate’s cover and interior artist. I am a freelance illustrator and I specialise in gaming art and editorial work. I enjoy reading and gaming in my spare time, hence my areas of specialisation in illustration being particularly apt. I also enjoy long hikes in the mountains, and New Zealand’s gorgeous landscape has been particularly inspirational in terms of its beauty and vastness. I am happy to be back with the Debate team again this year and I hope to be able to provide you all with some enjoyable pieces to look at while you read the magazine.

Note from the editor: Please don’t blame Yi, she just draws what we tell her to.

Alana McConnell

Feature Writer

I like to write about things that I care about, usually attempting to break stigma or put into words unsaid feelings or experiences. I cover topics like harm reduction and drugs, feminism, sex and relationships, philosophy and pop culture! You can usually find me wandering around the Grey Lynn park listening to Phoebe Bridgers and heavy podcasts, or trekking to outer Auckland suburbs to rummage through the racks at the Hospice shops.

Andrew Broadley

Editorial Assistant

If a page needs filling I’m always there to provide stupid listicles about pigeons, or Denny’s or who knows, maybe what type of bread you are. After the demise and somewhat sad return of Bauer Media in 2020, no substandard boomer magazine will hire me. If you want to see less of me, then email us and contribute, that way I can help edit something of merit to disguise my own shortcomings. I mean, it’s all in the job title really, assistant, I basically get the coffees.

Nam Woon Kim

Social Media Manager

Kia ora! I’m the social media person for Debate this year, which means I spend all day looking for the best tiktoks and tweets that get reposted to Instagram. I’m a big fan of Charli XCX and if you follow our page you will be too! When I’m not preaching from the good book of Charli I like watching riveting movies through some dude off Discord’s Criterion account. I’d also like to add that I’m looking for the clip-on sunnies from my pic so if you spot them please let me know!


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