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Blind Date Issue 5

Nervous Nancy

The date for me started off rocky. I was running late and the rain was pouring down heavily, which made many puddles on the street. After searching long and hard for parking, I walked up Queen Street concentrating on Snapchatting my friends to tell them how nervous I was to find myself ankle deep in a puddle soaking both my feet. After contemplating whether or not to go home and cry or journey on, I decided that my shoes didn’t look too wet, so nobody would notice hopefully, so I carried on. Once I reached BurgerFuel I sat down and then my blind date walked up to me and asked if I was here to find my blind date. We then ordered our burgers, got a drink and started talking. He told me that he worked at the movies and what his passion was as well as the basic get to know each other questions. Soon our food came, and I’m not gonna lie, the free burger is what really sold me to go on the blind date.

After the burgers he took me to a bar that he enjoys going to in his spare time and then we talked and had a few drinks. Overall the date went really well; he’s a nice, friendly, funny man and it seems like our personalities clicked. Since then we text every now and again to say hi and what not.

Paranoid Pete

Going on a date with someone after a long time of being single is quite a scary thought, especially if you have a really bad streak with the opposite sex. But bringing out the courage to do it might work in your favour. The nerves started hitting me when the day of this date arrived. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared, my best friend telling me you’ll be fine just be yourself. But I still spent 40 plus minutes deciding what to wear and not look like an IDIOT. Then came the scariest part: the actual date.

I turned up an hour early because being on time is too cliché. So I may or may not have had a beverage or two beforehand to calm down but ended going up to three girls and asking them whether they were here for the date before sitting inside. They weren't, and I remember thinking this is gonna go to shit. Only to find out she was sitting inside the entire time.

You read about what you’re supposed to say on dates, but that goes out the window when one of the most attractive females you have ever seen is sitting across the table from you. All I was doing was trying not to end up coming out like sounding weird or unlikeable. We ended up talking a lot and finding out things in common. After moving onto another venue, I ended up learning more about her and vice versa. Glad to say I got her number. This was probably one of the scariest events I have had in my life but I’m glad I did it and it was an interesting way to meet someone. We are going on another date soon.

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