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Blind Date Issue 8

“It’s not you, it’s me.”

I believe I have a good intuition – not enough to cross a road blindfolded – but I would say I’m pretty good at predicting what’s about to happen. Coincidentally, the blind date was scheduled after some cheeky work drinks. Coincidentally, there was a bar tab. Coincidentally, yo’ girl got drunk. Perhaps it was my intuition that lead me to downing those drinks, or maybe I’m just stupid.

As I make my way to BurgerFuel I give myself a pep talk. “He won’t know you’re drunk, just keep your eyes focused, drink some water and the burger will sober you up. DO NOT fall off the chair.” I walk in and I see a shadow approaching me from behind. “Are you looking for someone?” I turn around and I am instantly grateful that I’m absolutely smashed.

He was serving some lumberjack going-to-court realness with his ginger beard snatched into place and a dapper blue button-down shirt. I wasn’t sure if I was on a date or going to get a loan from the bank. We order our food and quickly take a seat. Now the most important part of the date was about to begin, the conversation. He was nice. Don’t get me wrong, being nice is great! I just need some banter. It was lovely to talk about your hopes and dreams but I wanna know if you believe 9/11 was an inside job. But then again, I’m probably psycho.

I text my mates if they’re still at the bar. They are and I ask if my new man would like to join for some drinks (mostly out of politeness, I would rather him stay at BurgerFuel). He accepts the offer, classic stitch-up. We sit down with my friends and being the alcoholic that I am, I get another drink. After a while, he gets the message and makes a quick exit. My dear blind date, you are a lovely man. Those 30 minutes showed me you’re kind, intelligent and sweet. All that’s left to say is, “It’s not you, it’s me.”


Blind date huh? Most people would give it a pass. Put in a situation where you have no idea who you are about to date, thoughts go through your head like ‘What if the date is horrible!?’. However, I am currently on a quest to find my best friend, some would say ‘soul mate’. I look at life as a rollercoaster of experiences, good or bad; in the end you find yourself searching for love.

I’ve been on my fair share of dates but none of them could’ve prepared me for the experience I had blind dating. So, there I was: nervously waiting at the venue for this beautiful dark-haired woman whose name started with ‘M’. The search was on! Suddenly, I saw a woman. Dark hair? Check. Beautiful? Check! She was standing anxiously at the entrance. I had to see if it was her, I approached her with a question. She smiled and answered back confirming she was the mysterious ‘M’ I had been searching for.

The date began with questions that you usually wouldn’t ask in a date, because you are usually well acquainted by this stage. Mind you, these days that is not always the case. However, the blind date went fantastic, it was a fun experience meeting someone who was also searching for love and was willing to meet a person they have never met.

I personally enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to anyone searching for love or who just wants to have a fun experience. 9/10.

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