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Exchange Your Life

Welcome to AUT!

If you’ve just embarked on your university journey, congratulations! You’ll most likely be bombarded with new information all week and I'm here to add to your information overload with some pretty exciting opportunities. My job is to help you take your degree international with the AUT student exchange programme.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be speaking at your lectures and popping up in Debate to talk about the exchange programme . It’s an exciting and adventurous way to study and travel at the same time. If you want to explore another country without compromising your studies, an exchange might be what you’re looking for.

At the International Centre, we’re keen to send as many AUT students as possible away to study overseas for a semester. If you would like to take your degree overseas, we've put together a few common FAQs for you below.

What is the exchange programme?

An exchange gives you the opportunity to study overseas for a semester at one of our partner universities. Immerse yourself in a foreign culture, move away from your hometown/country and push yourself out of your comfort zone by living on the other side of the world. Your overseas studies will be transferred back to AUT which means doing an exchange won’t add any extra time to your degree. One of the best things about doing an exchange is you continue paying the same fees to AUT, meaning you don’t pay extra tuition fees to your overseas university. When you return, you can resume your degree alongside your current peers. The benefits of doing an exchange are endless but a common theme amongst many past students is that you’ll come back home with a better understanding about what goes on outside of little old Aotearoa.

Where can I go?

AUT have over 70 partner universities to choose from. Depending on your degree, you will have particular universities that specialise in your field of study. Every overseas university will have similar courses available to the papers in your degree. You also have the chance to complete elective papers while on exchange. If the idea of picking up an American politics paper in New York, learning Spanish in Madrid or refining your fashion skills in the heart of Amsterdam excites you, an exchange is for you! With the pre-approval of your faculty, all papers completed on exchange will transfer back to your degree. A complete list of our partners can be found on our website.

Am I eligible to apply?

All students interested in doing an exchange must have completed two semesters before studying abroad. You must also be a full time student and have a B average across all papers (so if you’re a first year, make sure you hit the ground running!). The application form can be found on Student Digital Workspace, and The International Centre is happy to guide you if you’re on the fence about applying.

Will I still receive StudyLink?

Yes. If you currently receive living costs or student allowances you will continue to receive these whilst on exchange. Since you carry on paying tuition fees to AUT, you can still receive a student loan to pay for these fees too.

Which overseas universities/countries are the most popular for AUT students?

Champlain College, in the heart of Vermont, USA is one of our most popular destinations. The college offers generous scholarships to cover expenses for AUT students wishing to do an exchange there. If you are an Art and Design, Communications, Computer Sciences, Creative Technologies, Social Sciences or Te Ara Poutama student, Champlain College could be calling your name.

If language and culture is your thing you’ll be interested to know that Hirosaki University in Japan is our most popular partner for these areas. What better way to practice your Japanese language skills than living, studying and traveling in Japan! The Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia provides financial support for successful recipients too. AUT has sent over 50 students to Hirosaki so if you want to make the most of your Japanese language skills, Hirosaki could be the overseas university for you.

Aalto University School of Business is located in Finland and holds the Triple Crown status, an honour held by only a few business schools worldwide. They provide exceptional learning experiences and have achieved excellence in researching strong societal impacts. AUT Business students wishing to do an exchange here can be eligible for travel grants to support their travel costs to Finland.

To take your degree abroad, search AUT exchange or send us an email at and find out how you can participate in the programme!

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