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Editor's Letter: Issue 2


I hope you all had an amazing O Week and everyone survived the craziness. Everything is feeling very zen in the AUTSA office now that the festivities have come to an end. I just took a quick look out the window at the Hikuwai Plaza and can report that it has returned to its usual form: a grey abyss threatening to envelop you. I really hope you’re settling in and not feeling too overwhelmed by the year to come.

What’s not looking grey and depressing like the plaza is this issue of Debate! This one is called ‘Taboo-ish’, and whilst we didn’t look at all the taboos of the world (you don’t have to read about cannibalism or death), we explored a few things people may, or may not, consider taboo.

Cannabis continues to be a hot topic of discussion and James Tapp takes a look at the referendum and the various points of view up for discussion. Also in the mag, Jake Kampkes examines the Broadcasting Standards Authority, who assess how taboo certain words are for TV. Jake took on the almost impossible task of making the BSA sound interesting and for that he deserves a medal. I promise it’s a great read.

Debate reporter Lauren Ruth also explores catcalling and how it affects us. As someone who gets randomly yelled at by cars from time to time, I know how it can really demoralize you and make you feel like crap. Lauren spoke to a ton of AUT students about the issue and the responses were super insightful.

Finally, Melissa Koh continues to wow us with her stunning recipes. This week she’s made a whole fish that you might think twice about flipping.

Don’t forget to take the Debate survey in the giveaway section to be in to win. And get in touch if you want to write for the mag, I’d love to have you.

Talk soon!


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