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Questioning the House Plant Trend

I hereby dub 2019 as the year of people claiming shit. The clip trend? 90’s Hilary Duff. Riding scooters? Claimed by children since forever. House plants? They’re...plants... how is this current? Worse, a meme.

I’m not disputing that plants are great, they are great. Don’t want a dog because it’s too much maintenance? Get a cat. Don’t want a cat because they’re scratchy, lazy and annoying/your landlord says no? Get a plant. You can look after it and even take bets on how quickly it will die!

Having plants in your work or living space has been proven to reduce stress. Especially the process of repotting your disgustingly cute bowl of dirt and seeing it thrive, it’s all very rewarding. It’s also been proven that humans have an innate desire to be connected to nature - ‘biophilia’. So, this could be the root of the trend but they also just look so...aesthetic (I use Pinterest, I’m allowed to use the “A” word).

Decorating a room is HARD. Watching The Block NZ you’re thinking, “Oh yeah, oh yeah I could do tha- NO not that mustard couch with the mauve rug, Ben!” But when you’re faced with an empty space, you realise half your mismatched possessions need to be sent back to mum and you own no decorations except Christmas baubles. I present to you, the houseplant trend:

-Need to make your clutter look intentional and alty? Add plants for that cool, bohemian look. -Need to look after something to feel responsible and adult-y? Plants. -Need somewhere to put your pet worm? In your plant! -Need some more oxygen in your room? Plants x10.


- They’re selfish. - You have to actually PAY your water bill, because they need to be watered.


- Too many.

In no way is this article sponsored by Palmers, Kings Plant Barn or The Warehouse-back-room-where-all-the-plants- are-kept, but those are the best places to grab a leafy boy, or twelve. Succumb to the peer pressure; follow the trend.

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