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Power Hour Dranks

Leaf Water

Green tea

Not as satisfying as a coffee hit but it does contain plenty of caffeine without the moany-mood-drop phase afterwards. Start your day with this and Google says you’re going to be absolutely jacked with antioxidants, you’ll lose weight, your brain function will be improved AND your risk of cancer will be lowered. What a busy morning.

Creamy Leaf Water

Matcha latte

The slightly bitter matcha flavour can take some getting used to. If you’re more of a cold beverage freak, then go for an iced matcha latte. You can buy the powder at most supermarkets, so you don’t have to sound like an asshole ordering it at a cafe.

Over-hyped less-yum ginger beer


Very topical because of its probiotic-gut-bacteria benefits. I would sincerely rather drink cold dumpling juice out of a librarian’s hand.

Spicy boy

Chai Latte

Chai contains a bunch of spices that each have their own benefits and all band together to make you want to poo your pants. Cinnamon in particular helps with fatigue and this paired with the black tea base of chai will make you feel like you’ve ordered 20% of a less wanky drink.

Scented breathable pouch that goes well with cake

Black tea

If you don’t drink black tea already, grow up.

Power Hour Power Shower

Bevvy in the shower

Diesels or beers, grab whatever is closest. Sinking some piss in the shower has guaranteed success at waking you up. The only downside is that you get back to your desk you’ll be ready for the drop in Sandstorm.

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