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Issue 1 | Academia

Debate 2024 | issue 1 | Academia

Published Monday the 26th of February 2024


  1. The Government, Posie Parker, and Pride by Caeden Tipler (News Editor)

  2. The Future of Academia by Jay Kennedy

  3. Rocking the Books! by Stella Roper (Arts & Culture Editor), Daniel Shepherd, and Mangor Pederson

  4. Scientific Pursuits by Chris Murphy

  5. Everyone Can Duolingo by Neena Contreras

  6. Forget Mean Girls, Here's Eight Teen Movies You Need to Watch by Thomas Giblin (Entertainment Editor), Nabeelah Khan, and Kathryn Knightbridge

  7. Seeds and All by Banisha Pratap

  8. Post Grad Advice by Meoghan Craig

  9. O-Week Survival Guide by Tashi Donnelly (Feature Editor)

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