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Issue 4 | Green

Published Monday the 8th of April 2024

Cover by Dana Dudova (@dayna.banana)


  1. Front Cover by Dana Dudova (Contributor)

  2. Editorial: Everything Sucks, and I Wish the Lorax Was My Dad by Liam Hansen (Editor-in-Chief)

  3. Palestine and the Climate Crisis by Audree Clint (Contributor)

  4. The New Climate Strikes by Caeden Tipler (News Editor)

  5. Is This the End of the World? by Pranjal Joshi (Contributor)

  6. The Great Auckland Public Transport Conundrum by Evie Richardson (Contributor)

  7. Teaming Up for a "Green Impact" by Nabeelah Khan (Contributor)

  8. How Could I Raise a Baby in the Climate Crisis? by Tashi Donnelly (Feature Editor)

  9. 50 Shades of Green by Thomas Giblin (Entertainment Editor)

  10. Songs to Listen to as the World Burns! by Neena Contreras (Contributor)

  11. Centrefold: Green by Macy Taylor (Contributor)

  12. 5 Green Movies and Hold the Ham by Nathan Cosmic (Contributor)

  13. The Unclaimed Wastes by Cameron McCurdy (Social Media Coordinator)

  14. A Conversation With: Christopher Dews by Stella Roper (Arts & Culture Editor)

  15. Don't Be a Vote Ghost by Kyan Batuwantudawe

  16. Local Listens: Earth Tongue on upcoming album "Great Haunting" and their NZ/EU tour by Liam Hansen (Editor-in-Chief)

  17. Back Cover by Max (Contributor)

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