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Listen Up! Top Sex Podcasts

By Alana McConnell

Feature Writer

Sex is something on our minds on the daily, but it’s rarely really talked about. We wonder how to improve our experiences, how to get more of it, and if what’s happening to us is normal. Podcast are then beautiful things because they connect us to others, put a voice to unsaid things, and educate those who listen. You often feel part of a conversation, struggling to differentiate as to whether you heard something from a real life conversation or that podcast you listened to last week on the bus. Here’s a roundup of my personal favourites, ones that I have just discovered but also my solid favourites. There should be nothing weird about listening to sex podcasts. Sometimes it feels like we are expected to know how to do everything, to have it all sorted out with no qualms. The truth is sex is nuanced and intricate, and it ties in with your relationships, your identity, your quality of life, and your health.

How Cum

by Remy Kassimir

Standout episodes: Slutver, She Cums First

This gem of a podcast is notable as the only podcast dedicated to achieving the female orgasm. 28 year old comedian Remy Kassimir started this podcast after never having experienced an orgasm before. Realising she was not alone, Remy started interviewing people about their first time cumming, and asking her guests to give her an assignment to complete to have an orgasm. Interviewing the likes of Candace Bushnell (writer of Sex and the City) and Dan Savage (world famous sex writer), How Cum is both funny and also relatable for lots of women who have felt left behind in the quest for pleasure.

The Heart

Standout Episode: No, Mariya, God + The Gays

An audio art project focusing on intimacy and humanity, The Heart was created by Kaitlin Prest in her bedroom in 2014. It’s a community driven project, composed of writers, artists and radio-markers, who use their own lived experiences and their curiosity of the human experience to create episodes that are quite frankly stunning, nuanced and diverse. No is a four part exploration by Kaitlin about her journey through girlhood and grappling with her boundaries and consent. Mariya follows a Pakistani woman who explores her sexuality in the aftermath of female genital mutilation. This is a very special podcast that once you discover will change the way you think about how podcasts are created and how sex is portrayed.

Authentic Sex with Juliet Allen

Standout episode: Secrets of a Well-Fucked Woman

Juliet Allen is a Australian sexologist whose podcast leaves no stone unturned. By answering listeners' questions, nothing is off limits, and each episode covers an array of fascinating topics in a measured and honest way. My favourite episodes tend to be when Allen invites Alison Rice on the show, another podcaster of the series Offline. These two ladies draw on their own experiences in a refreshingly open sense, speaking on topics like navigating casual sex as a single parent, the myth of the tight pussy, and wholehearted blowjobs.

Dying for Sex hosted by Nikki Boyer

Standout episode: A Walk on the Wild Side

After being diagnosed with terminal cancer, Nikki Boyer’s friend Molly decided to turn her life upside down even more. Ending her marriage and having a sexual awakening, Molly’s inhibitions are extinguished and she begins an adventure involving sexual exploration and pleasure. This series is also about deep and candid friendship, where nothing is off limits or considered too taboo or scary to touch on.


Standout episodes: Tops, Circumcision

This award-nominated podcast has set itself the challenge every episode to break down a gay stereotype, and there a ton of them, as they’ve already wracked up a 200 episode count. From hookup apps to fitness to fisting, each episode is lively and rich, with hosts Mike and Kyle not holding back on any subject material.

U Up?

Standout episodes: Girls Trying Not To Be Crazy is What’s Gotten Guys Laid for Centuries, Blowjobs are a Selfless Act

This podcast is a modern day daters' best friend, as each episode covers incredibly specific but always relevant quandaries and experiences of dating in the 21st century. Episodes titled “Am I An Asshole If I Keep Hooking Up With Someone Who Has Feelings For Me?” and “Everything You Need To Know About Dating With Herpes” shows how this podcast is refreshingly honest and relevant for so many people.


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