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The Students Become the Masters

The freshers tell Debate Magazine what’s cool

I like to think I’m pretty cool, but as much as it hurts to acknowledge, I’m no fresher. I’m not even a second or third year. And as my insecurity grows I have gotten desperate, enlisting the help of some incoming and outgoing freshers to tell me what’s cool in 2021. So don’t take my advice, take theirs.

Q: Alright, I’ve enrolled at AUT, what am I here to study? Am I an edgy fine arts student or a Kings College graduate destined for a summer internship with Russell McVeagh?

Sarah: It’s AUT, I thought we were all studying Comms?

Tom: Yeah I do Comms too...

Debate: I didn’t really think this through, okay well, pretend we are at UoA and this is Craccum (they would never resort to such shoddy journalism).

Tom: I mean comms girls are cool... Debate: Oh...

Hazel: I am studying law, which I think is cool if you’re a female, as more representation in these roles is awesome, if you're a

Kings College boy maybe not. I do like a softboi though so I’d be down for fine arts or design.

Q: When I was at uni, I didn’t go to classes before 12pm. I was probably hungover so just didn’t show up to morning lectures. Would this be seen as cool, or are the youth into trying now?

Sarah: I mean 12 seems a bit late. I get that an 8AM class can be hard but yeah... Tom: I go to basically all my classes, but that’s also to hang out with mates. With all the lockdowns a lot of classes have been online anyway so no real excuse not to go.

Debate: I mean 8AM is still 8AM...

Tom: Yeah true, I mean if it’s recorded then whatever, otherwise just get up and go.

Hazel: Yeah like I’m sure I’ll skip a few classes, but having a policy is definitely not cool. I think young people in general care a lot more now and are a lot more involved in what’s happening in the world, and that probably extends to how we approach university to some extent.

Q: I studied in Wellington where it was pretty common to flat. Auckland is a bit different, are people fine with staying home or should I get my own place so I can throw parties?

Sarah: It’s definitely cool to live in a flat, but if it’s really gross then it’s also a pretty quick turnoff.

Tom: I was in halls last year which was awesome, apart from COVID fucking it up, and this year a few mates and I have a flat. I'm definitely excited.

Hazel: Yeah I am in halls this year and like I’m expecting it to be pretty shit in terms of actually living, but it’s fun and a great way to meet people. If you do stay home it’s not the end of the world, it saves money and you can always find friends with places.

Sarah: But if you’re asking in terms of like impressing girls or whatever...

Debate: Of course.

Sarah: Then yeah a flat helps.

Q: During my time flatting at uni I had a mattress on the floor, and at one stage I had a mattress on some pallets. One thing I never had was a bed base, is this still cool?

Sarah: I know you get a lot of shit for thinking some trashy dude with a mattress on the floor is cool, but I do sort of like it. But like I said, if his place is really gross it’s a no, so you can have a bed on the floor but your place has to be somewhat clean. Pallets though I dunno, they would have to be proper nice ones.

Debate: I got mine from the back of a Bunnings?

Sarah: Yeah, no...

Tom: My mum let me take my bed base so I’m sorted, but they are expensive so it makes sense a lot of people don’t have one.

Hazel: I used to fangirl over the whole wooden floor bed on the ground thing. Now I'd probably go for something like a futon or a low base as opposed to straight on the ground. But it all depends, if the flat is gross then a bed on the floor is gross.

Q: Okay it’s Friday night, what am I drinking?

Sarah: Probably Pals.

Tom: A bottle of cheap wine is efficient, but recently I’ve gotten pretty into Part Time Rangers.

Hazel: Yeah Pals usually.

Debate: Okay so basically we are going low carb. I also recently got into Pals.

Tom: Yeah I think way more guys are kinda over the whole I have to drink beer not ‘bitch drinks’ thing.

Debate: Guys have realised being bloated isn’t manly?

Tom: Something like that.

Q: What am I wearing?

Sarah: I still want to be comfortable. Some girls just look so cold! A vintage tee or crop, with some jeans and some Nikes are what I tend to go for.

Tom: Yeah Nikes are definitely the big thing right now. Some Dunks or Jordans. It’s pretty easy for guys, like jeans and a tee or maybe a shirt over top.

Hazel: Yeah I’d just say no heels, the pain isn’t worth it. Streetwear is the big thing now though I would go more for Docs, comfortable and easy to clean off gross club floor ‘stick.’ I think dresses are cute still.

Q: Here I am in uni with a group of my mates, rate our fits.

Sarah: Do you have stretchers?

Debate: Yeah...

Tom: I mean you guys are pretty much all just rocking the unbuttoned shirt over the T-shirt which is still pretty common, maybe just a slightly outdated version?

Hazel: Yeah could be worse... You guys do sort of look like those awkward dudes who are too old to be in the club and wear like those slip on leather shoes with blue jeans...

Debate: Hey my jeans were black!

Q: Where am I going? Teacups at Casette?

Sarah: I wasted so much money on those! Definitely a rip off.

Tom: Neck of the Woods is good.

Hazel: Bar 101 is what a lot of people talk about. Personally it’s not my favourite...

Debate: More infamous than anything else right?

Hazel: Yeah basically.

Q: When I was in uni, smoking was pretty big. So what are we doing now? Smoking? Vaping? Or staying in the club because our lungs are healthy and we don’t need a break from dancing?

Sarah: Vaping is definitely popular, personally I don’t.

Tom: Yeah most my mates vape and a few smoke. It’s quieter out in the smoking area and feels like a natural way to start up conversation.

Hazel: Smoking is definitely dying off. I know a lot of older people think vaping is stupid unless you were a smoker and it’s helped you quit, which I get. It seems like a lot of people who never smoked now vape, but you can also look at it as a lot of people who would have started smoking didn’t.

Debate: That’s true, though smokers don’t usually light up between bites of food or in the bathroom.

Hazel: I mean I don't either, but I get your point. Vapers tend to go way harder than smokers. Sarah: Yeah it’s like weirdly acceptable just to fucking vape everywhere.

*Debate comment: Smoking is bad, vaping is bad, don’t do it.

Q: I’m not from Auckland, so all this DnB shit confuses me. Am I lame?

Sarah: Yes.

Tom: I don’t listen to it like by myself on a Sunday afternoon or anything, but if you’re at a houseparty it goes pretty hard. It’s also in a lot of the clubs now so it’s fun for a night out.

Hazel: I’m definitely not into it either, but if you are asking me what’s cool then yeah DnB is the popular choice, though popular doesn’t necessarily mean cool.

Q: What are students eating now? Are we all vegan or are we hitting up Sensational Chicken between lectures?

Sarah: I actually am vegan! It’s fine if you’re not, but I think people should be conscious of their environmental impact.

Tom: I’ve never been to Sensational Chicken but I’ve heard about it!

Hazel: I’m not really into fried chicken, definitely not vegan though. But I do try to, like, to be mindful of my meat intake and stuff.

Sarah: Yeah like do what works for you, but even small changes are good.

Tom: A few of my guy mates are vegetarian and stuff. Debate: So people are more aware of it, but also a bit more chill and understanding. Small changes are accepted as opposed to “you’re vegan or evil.”

Sarah: Nah I hate you all.

Q: So soy flat white or?

Sarah: I prefer oat, or even almond. But a lot of places still only do soy which is fine.

Tom: Yeah I actually tend to go for a soy flat white just because that’s like what people seemed to go for, gotta fit in.

Hazel: I usually go for black coffee, but if I do get milk I'll go for a plant based one.

Q: Okay so picture this: I come into your lecture, a few minutes late, and sit down next to you in the only vacant seat. I have an oat milk flat white, a fresh pair of Jordans and Netsky can be faintly heard as I remove my airpods. Are we mates?

Sarah: Uhh...

Hazel: Are you fresher in this scenario?

Debate: Yeah I mean I guess if I am in the same class as you, probably.

Tom: You can be a fresher and old though.

Debate: Am I old? Let’s pretend we are the same age in this scenario.

Sarah: Na you’re late so we wouldn’t be mates.

Hazel: I don’t really like DnB.

Tom: Yeah, sure...


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