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Written by C. Fonseca (they/them) | @c.fonsecao6703 | Contributing Writer

TW: Sexual Assault

stuck between the lies

the sheets

the manipulations

and your body

blinded by your love

which wasn’t love

but a sheer form of coercion

taken at your word

but with each word there was a lie

a hidden meaning

and it was never taken at face value 

first your words

then your actions

where you restricted me 

blocked me

took advantage of me 

forced yourself on to me 

I said no 

physically restricted me

I said no 

ignored my safe words 

I said no

restrained me

I said no 

hit me

I said no

yet all my nos and my safe words did nothing 

because you did not care

I was an object to you

merely an object

yet you kept me there

until I was too used 

and you threw me to waste


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