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Sangria Mocktail

Drinking alcohol is one of the most prevalent social activities in New Zealand. However, fun times need not necessarily involve alcohol. Perks of staying sober include: waking up without a hangover, having genuine conversations, making real connections, and not doing something silly or embarrassing under the influence of alcohol and regretting it the next morning. This Sangria Mocktail is set to impress.


• 1 orange, sliced

• 1 red apple, thinly sliced

• 1 cup pomegranate juice

• 2 cups grape juice

• 1 cup apple-orange juice

• 1 cup lemonade/Sprite

• 2 cups of red grapes

• Ice cubes

* 1 cup = 240ml


1) In a large pitcher or 1L leak-proof container add orange slices, apple slices, pomegranate juice and grape juice (so add all liquids except lemonade). Seal and refrigerate overnight to allow the flavour to develop.

2) Freeze grapes in a zip-lock bag overnight. Pack loosely to ensure that grapes do not stick when frozen.

3) To serve, add ice cubes in a glass, followed by frozen grapes.

4) Carefully ladle the overnight mocktail mixture (approximately 1 cup or 240ml).

5) Top if off with a splash of lemonade (about a quarter cup for each serve).

6) Garnish with flavour-soaked orange and apple slices.

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