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Auckland's Best DYOs

Illustrations by Dayna Patel

A DYO (Drink Your Own, because we’re all selfish alcoholics) is a civilised and classy affair that involves $7.99 pinot gris and whatever friends aren’t moany pricks about drinking a whole bottle of wine. If you have those key ingredients, you’re set for an above mediocre dining experience.

Sri Pinang

Malaysian ∙ K Road

Corkage: $3 for wine and $1 for Beers (!!)

Selling point:

-Great for a tight budget - roti and curry is only ten bucks.


South Indian ∙ Grey Lynn

Corkage: $4

Things to call home about:


-Close to stumble to Pons town


Cantonese ∙ Kingsland

Corkage: $2.50

Don’t come unless:

-You have lots of friends and live to make waiters’ jobs actual death.

-You were born with the ability to share your food.

La Porchetta

Italian ∙ Parnell

Corkage: $3

You heard it here first:

-Pizza. Pasta. People. Parnell. Pigeons (outside).

-Don’t have high expectations.

Dae Bak

Korean BBQ ∙ CBD

Corkage: $5

Don’t tell Sarah but:

-$24 for all you can eat.

-You might not get drunk, but you won’t need to eat again until you don’t enrol for postgrad.

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