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Issue 2 | Kai

Published Monday the 11th of March 2024


  1. Please Do Not Eat This Issue by Liam Hansen (Editor-in-Chief)

  2. From Waitangi Day to Waitangi Referendum by Caeden Tipler (News Editor)

  3. The Shopping List by Banisha Pratap

  4. How to Contribute to Debate by Liam Hansen (Editor-in-Chief)

  5. A Cau-shin-ary Tale by Stella Roper (Arts & Culture Editor)

  6. Depression Meals by Cameron McCurdy (Social Media Coordinator) & Tashi Donnelly (Feature Editor)

  7. Mmm, I Love Meatjelly! by Thomas Giblin (Entertainment Editor)

  8. Liam's Local Listens: Geneva AM on her new track, T(M)²I by Liam Hansen (Editor-in-Chief) & Geneva AM

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