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Issue 3 | 1984

Released Monday the 25th of March 2024


  1. Newshub Goneburger by Caeden Tipler (News Editor)

  2. The Disinformation on Palestine Project by Caeden Tipler (News Editor)

  3. The 1984 Schnapps Election: A Swine's Downfall by William Lyall (Contributor)

  4. 2084 by Tashi Donnelly (Feature Editor)

  5. What Conspiracy Theory Are U?? by Stella Roper (Arts & Culture Editor)

  6. Centrefold: The Death of Journalism by Sophie Sun (Contributor)

  7. A Cut Above the Rest: Sukena Shah & The Mountain by Thomas Giblin (Entertainment Editor)

  8. Dodofrenzy Presents: Horrorscope by Stella Roper (Arts & Culture Editor)

  9. Neglect Comics Wiki by Cameron McCurdy (Social Media Coordinator)

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