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Issue 3 | 1984

Published Monday the 25th of March 2024

Cover by Stella Roper (@dodofrenzy)


  1. Here's What You Missed on the Dystopian Lore of Twenty One Pilots by Liam Hansen (Editor-in-Chief)

  2. Newshub Goneburger by Caeden Tipler (News Editor)

  3. The Disinformation on Palestine Project by Caeden Tipler (News Editor)

  4. The 1984 Schnapps Election: A Swine's Downfall by William Lyall (Contributor)

  5. 2084 by Tashi Donnelly (Feature Editor)

  6. Flagged Inappropriate: Social Media Censorship on Women's Health by Melissa Irving (Contributor)

  7. What Conspiracy Theory Are U?? by Stella Roper (Arts & Culture Editor)

  8. Don't Hate the Player, Be The Game: A Review of NotGames' Not For Broadcast by Corey Fuimaono (Contributor)

  9. Centrefold: The Death of Journalism by Sophie Sun (Contributor)

  10. A Cut Above the Rest: Sukena Shah & The Mountain by Thomas Giblin (Entertainment Editor)

  11. Age of Misinformation: Orwell's 1984 & the War on Gaza by Nabeelah Khan (Contributor)

  12. Girlboss, Gaslight, Gabbie #1: "There's Gabbie, & There's GABRIELLA!" by Gabbie De Baron (Graphic Designer)

  13. Local Listens #2: Dateline's Katie Everingham on Their New Track 'Choose Me' by Liam Hansen (Editor-in-Chief)

  14. Dodofrenzy Presents: Horrorscope by Stella Roper (Arts & Culture Editor)

  15. Neglect Comics Wiki by Cameron McCurdy (Social Media Coordinator)

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